How Postclick Empowers Brands & Agencies to Collaborate

How Postclick Empowers Brands & Agencies to Collaborate

Brands often have limited resources to execute multiple personalized advertising campaigns, which prevents them from maximizing their ROAS. To ease the pressure and offload work, they often outsource campaigns to specialized agencies that aim to deliver ROI.

As a tech-enabled service, Postclick is unique. We created the only Post-Click Automation solution that comes with all the tools necessary to maximize conversions (ad mapping, automated creation, personalization, and optimization & AI) and are singularly focused on advertising conversion. 

With agencies and the Postclick team both serving as experts in managing client campaigns, the question is, “how can agencies work alongside Postclick in a profitable and harmonious relationship? Today’s article details how brands and agencies can collaborate with Postclick to leverage cutting-edge technology to maximize advertising conversions

1. Manual scalability is not realistic for any single team

The Postclick solution creates personalized profiles based on interest, intent, audiences, and demographics. We use our extensive data sets and personalized experiences to inform ongoing content-optimization analysis of what should–and shouldn’t–be included in advertising campaign pages. From these data sets, our system can identify a page’s ideal length for conversion, by industry, and persona. 

Then, we use AI to determine which images and layouts are most compelling for specific visitors. Production costs, labor costs, and launch delays all detract from humans alone completing the work efficiently. After all, it’s not realistic to hire hundreds of designers to create each personalized post-click page for each audience segment.

Performing this work manually at scale isn’t economically feasible for most brands. Hence, advertisers’ natural reaction is to avoid focusing their strategy on offering personalized experiences, which negatively impacts campaign performance. Brands and agencies alike need an automated solution, and it should be collaborative.

2. Automated processes should be collaborative

Despite the assumption with automated processes–no manual work–, advertising automation should be a collaborative process between teams.

Brands and agencies have told us that collaboration is paramount to creating optimized post-click landing pages. Typically, that requires a team anywhere from 2-4 people per page, and a majority of stakeholders are dissatisfied with their current method of collaboration.

The current review process is often a confusing mess of marked-up screenshots and running commentaries across multiple, unconnected channels like email, messaging apps, project management tools, etc.

Postclick technology has built-in collaboration that enables seamless communication by letting users make comments and provide feedback during page designs. This feature ultimately eliminates time-consuming bottlenecks inherent in landing page design reviews:


Agencies can collaborate with any stakeholder easier and more efficiently–be it from the brand team or Postclick. By scaling hundreds and potentially thousands of pages for personalized campaigns, tracking each page to their respective ad or ad group gets overwhelming quickly.

Automatically mapping Google Ads to landing pages

Experienced PPC marketers will know that you need message and audience-matched post-click experiences for your ads. The problem lies with your current setup because it doesn’t allow contextual visualization of your advertising funnel, making it difficult to quickly identify which ads and audiences are missing a relevant post-click experience. It also doesn’t allow you to create, personalize, and optimize landing pages as quickly as you do ads. The process takes too long or results in poorly designed landing page experiences that aren’t optimized for conversions.

AdMapTM changes all of that. Postclick’s proprietary ad mapping technology allows users two-way sync between client’s Google Ads campaigns with the correct personalized landing page. It enables them to visualize their paid campaigns in a single interface. By importing the client’s Google Ads account, Postclick and agencies can create or edit pages to match each ad, push and serve the correct experience: 


Furthermore, our Postclick ScoreTM shows collaborating teams where, when, and how more personalized experiences will definitively lead to better conversion results: 

3. Automated layouts are the goal for scalable post-click experiences

Our solution determines the best user experience design, narrative, and response for every audience by leveraging A/B testing, heat maps, machine learning, AI, and human expertise. Postclick also integrates seamlessly with the leading technology stacks to provide personalized, optimized advertising experiences.

The Postclick advantage is that eight years of innovating digital advertising tech equates to: 

  • At least 25% increase ROAS from improved ad-to-page relevancy and higher CVR
  • As much as 50% lower CPC from improved Quality Score & landing page relevancy
  • Customers saving $500K+ annually on resources & scalability

Combining this conversion data and our expertise helps advertising teams achieve their best results. In doing so, our system automatically creates page layouts and personalized experiences based on this robust data.

Postclick and agencies partner together

Achieving 1:1 ad-to-page personalization can be difficult, or even impossible, without the proper resources and expertise.

Postclick takes a consultative approach to help brands and agencies succeed. We only work with brands and the agencies that support them when we are confident that we can drive success via our technology, processes, and expert team.

We would like to offer you a complimentary analysis of your ad campaigns including competitive insights against your top 5 competitors and the top sites in your industry. Our team will share insights on how we can increase your conversion rates, in addition to a comprehensive competitive analysis.

We will review your campaigns to analyze your post-click health, compare your site against industry and competitive benchmarks, and identify the most effective opportunities to increase your ROAS. Request your analysis here.

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