The 4 Keys to Executing Post-Click Automation Efficiently

The 4 Keys to Executing Post-Click Automation Efficiently

Ads are personalized, but post-click landing pages are rarely personalized. This produces a gap in personalization that plagues nearly all campaigns and ultimately degrades the user experience. It’s a primary reason Post-Click Automation technology exists.

To users, the problem is inexcusable. “If brands can deliver a relevant ad, they should deliver a relevant landing page.” Though true, advertisers see it in a different way. Without a method to scale landing page management, personalizing the post-click stage is resource-intensive.

Meanwhile, Gartner’s 2019 Hype Cycle for Digital Marketing and Advertising states that 78% of consumers want personalization. What’s more, is that 57% will unsubscribe if they perceive a message as “creepy.” Those are significant survey results. They also serve as proof that advertisers must be thoughtful in executing their personalization strategy.

Providing relevancy that resonates with consumers and scaling your landing pages efficiently is possible with Post-Click Automation (PCA). With our proprietary software, advertisers can finally provide their customers with personalized campaigns from the pre- to the post-click stage:

post-click technology pillars

What brands need most from Post-Click Automation technology

Postclick technology has helped advertisers generate above-average conversion rates for the better part of a decade. Now, enterprises can reap the benefits of this experience. By partnering with our new technology-enabled service, clients can improve their advertising conversion without straining their team.

Making this possible is an experienced group of conversion experts operating the first and only Post-Click Automation software. PCA enables our team to create optimized post-click experiences faster. Through the four pillars, they can take your landing page production from the hundreds to thousands, and ensure each page is personalized for its audience segment. Here’s how.

Automated Creation

Even with a template-based landing page builder, pages are impossible to scale. Small businesses may succeed with such a tool, but to accommodate thousands of audience segments, enterprises require a robust platform. 

By capturing personalized content into content blocks, our team can automate landing page creation optimized for maximum conversions. From these blocks, our proprietary platform can create, edit, and import content to groups of pages with a few clicks. This makes automated scaling possible.

Optimization & AI

Publishing a landing page is just the beginning. Once it’s live, the team uses our proprietary Post-Click Automation technology to optimize the odds that experience converts. Analytics dashboards, heatmaps, and built-in experimentation help to inform and enable testing. As people click through, the system automatically updates your page layout and recommends content based on machine learning insights.


PCA brings hyper-relevance to all your campaigns by enabling our team to create unique “experiences” for each landing page. These experiences are tailored to each audience segment through indicators passed from the pre-click stage. Geolocation, traffic source, search terms, etc., all have an impact on what the visitor sees when they reach your page:


Ad Mapping 

To keep campaign experiences cohesive, you must first be able to sync each ad to its respective landing page. Ad mapping makes this possible by allowing us to import your Google ads account and match each ad to the correct experience. Once the two are linked, the system automatically ensures that whenever one is edited, its corresponding asset is edited, too. 

To ensure the highest level of message match, Postclick technology measures the ratio of ads to experiences. This “Postclick Score” provides our team and technology the necessary insights to boost relevance by scaling experiences: 


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